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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Maran BH Test Run Just Before Full Operation !!!

The test run looks something like this:

(The sound used was the read bean)

I hope the BH owner will love to see this activities to happen everyday.

The BH was handed over to the owner on Wenesday August 7th 2013.

It looks good and encouraging.

The rest we have to leave it to the almighty.

The BH was perfectly done and I am sure the owner feel very proud to have the work completed.

We installed almost 750 internal sound tweeters inside.

Beside that we have more than 400 fake nests installed.

There were a number of pole tweeters installed on all its entrance holes and the door frames.

Two hexagonal tweeters were deployed.

A kite tweeter was used as a external tweeter at the top entrance area.

A total of eight power tweeters were installed to play the last tango sound.

An owl trap (clamp type) was installed and on the first 24 hours we captured an owl.

The BH now seems to be better than before and I am very sure there is no interruption from act of god like power failure and more owl attack it will be soon populated.

My target was 100 nests within 12 months of operation, I told the owner.

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