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Thursday, August 8, 2013

If Your BH Continuously Got Owl As Your Visitor.

I feel very uneasy about writing this article.

I have too since it was accidentally discovered during one of my discussion with a BH owner.

The owner owned a number of BHs.

His biggest problem with nearly all his BHs was those owls.

This is a very common case for BH located deep inside those agricultural land or middle of a padi field.

Most of these owls were actually released by agricultural authorities to eat those rats and snakes.

However when there is a building closed to where they stay these owl will start to find every excuse to come in to play or start their hunting operation.

If you can please try to use those prevention measures.  Good example is to you those spike, glue traps or those spring loaded clamps.

However if you simple failed in all that you have tried you might want to opt to this method.

Remember used it as your last resort.

Get a popular insecticide call Furadan 3G about RM 6 per pack.

Get a few fresh chicken head from those wet market.

Staff the Furadan3G into the chicken head.  About three grams or so.

Serve your guest I mean the owls.

They love chicken head.

Once they consume they will have stomach ache and will not dare to enter your BH any more.

I am not sure if they will be killed but usually they will not be.

If they do than hard luck to them.

Remember I am not trying to promote this method but use it as your last resort.

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