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Swiftlet Farming Seminar Tang Dynasty Hotel !!!

Swiftlet Farming Seminar Tang Dynasty Hotel !!!
Come and start your year 2018 with Pak Harry. By attending his seminar you will be adequately prepared to face the challenge to manage your BH. Those who are new will be able to learn about how to get their BH well located and designed. You will learn how to pull more birds into your BH in a very short period of time. You will have lots of ammunitions to fight with your neighbors. You will learn how to prepare those BH aromas. You will also be able to visit a BH with lots of nests. Set the two days for your to fly home with lots of knowledge. The one and only one who will share his invention with others.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

It Works In Three Different BHs: The VIP Rooms !!!

 (One of the three VIP rooms I snap during the visit.  More than 300 nests inside this small VIP room)

I was on a special mission today July 29th 2013.

This BH owner came to the conclusion that his three BHs were not well and need some one to take a closer look.

After visiting the three units I briefed to him about what went wrong but I keep telling him that he did the right thing.

His three BHs faced a similar problem that is the nests number stop increasing and he cannot understand why.

"Pak Harry all our neighbors praised us and told us that our BH is the best in the row but they did not know about what is actually happening inside.  Our BH is not well.  The nests number stop multiplying.  We don't know why? At the same time we do not know who to turn to?"

After reading my famous swiftlet farming blog the father and son team decided to contact Pak Harry.

Maybe he can give some advise.

They called and he quickly drove up to inspect all the three on the same day.

He even wrote a full 11 pages report to tell us what to do.

It is a dream come true.  He gave us the full explanation on what went wrong and we believed he is saying the truth.

That was the impression I got from listening to what the two said to me.

I am glad and honored to be used as their reference or adviser.

During my two hours inspection I notice something which I would like to share with all my blog readers.

All the three were almost the same design.

The most interesting was the number of birds occupying a room on the top most floor.

The room was about 12 feet by 20 feet with a door about 2.5 feet by 5 feet.

This looks exactly like my VIP room idea.

The three hold more than 300 nests each.

I pointed to the owner and he nodded their head confirming my article about how important is it to have VIP rooms in any BH.

These VIP rooms with a reasonable sized door will provide a darker room which will make those wild birds to feel safe.

Just think like a special corner which those birds just cannot resist to occupy.

My advice to all newbies try to understand more about what is VIP room in a BH and copy it.

Proof to me that I am again wrong !!!!

Call me at 017 7551318 if you wish to know more.

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